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Careers: Careers


Direct Care Specialist

Here at Avail Health and Behavioral Solutions, Direct Care workers assist consumers perform routine activities that they are not able to complete on their own. Our Direct Care Workers and attentive and trustworthy. Their job duties include but are not limited to  

  • Assisting with personal care 

  • Providing mobility assistance if it is needed 

  • Transporting and escorting the consumer  

  • Administering medications and following a prescribed care plan  


Homemakers Services

Designed for consumers who lives independently, homemaker caregivers aid with socialization and provides support. Homemakers strive to create a supportive environment and are present to ensure that the Consumers feel safe and connected to their homes. Homemakers guarantee that task around the living environment are not neglected.

  • Light housekeeping  

  • Meal preparation 

  • Household task   


Companion Services

Companion care is a form of home care offering non-medical services. Here at Avail Health and Behavioral Solutions our Companion Caregivers desires are to assist provide emotional support, companionship, and caregiver assistance to ensure that our consumers manage their activities of daily living. The Companion Caregivers are committed to improving the quality of life in the living environment by simply acting as a surrogate caregiver and providing the consumer with the companionship they desire when loved ones are not present

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